Top 10 Tips for Brides to Be Read more

Top 10 Tips for Brides to Be

wedding tipsPlanning a wedding is generally done by both the soon-to-be bride and groom. They talk to their wedding coordinator, meet with different wedding vendors and decide on many things for the wedding. Both of them are of course excited yet pressured in making the wedding a success. But well, the bride-to-be is usually the more enthusiastic, hands-on and organized during the planning process. This is especially true if the groom is busy with work or wants the bride to feel extra special by allowing her to choose what she wants.

And because a bride in totality handles the wedding, then they should really know what to do, what to avoid and how to prepare for their wedding. Here are some tips for all brides to be reading this post.

  1. Watch your diet, eat healthy

You certainly want to look the most beautiful on that day, right? Well, start a diet plan or begin eating healthy months before the wedding. Your wedding gown must fit you comfortably. One way to ensure this is by losing weight or not gaining any. Hence, watch what you eat.

  1. Keep your nails clean and manicured

People will be asking to see your engagement ring from time to time. Keep your nails clean so you won’t feel ashamed displaying your hand to people. Clean, well-shaped nails will also look good in the wedding photos taken by your trusted wedding photographer Newcastle.

  1. Exercise regularly to slim down

If you really want to look good on your wedding day, you have to exert effort in working out months before. This is particularly applicable to women who are on the heavy side.

  1. Look for a gown at least 6 months ahead

The bride’s walk down the aisle is one of the highlights of a wedding and at that moment, all eyes are on the bride donning on an elegant wedding gown. A gown can either flatter your body or not. You have to order or have one made at least 6 months ahead so there is still time for adjustments.

  1. Keep a wedding checklist

Make you own wedding checklist and share it with your wedding planner as well as your future groom. This will guide you on what preparations to make, which vendors to look for and many other things.

  1. Delegate tasks clearly

Assigning of task is important when planning your wedding. Make sure the tasks of your hired professionals are clear. If you are going to assign some tasks to relatives, make sure your instructions are clear. You can even prepare a wedding shot list for your wedding photographers andover to use. Do not forget to assign someone to gather important wedding items after the wedding party.

  1. Get photographed with groom before the wedding

Formal shots with your groom before the wedding ceremony are highly advised if you really want to keep awesome pictures of you and your groom. Remember that during the wedding, your makeup might wear off thus lessening the glow or beauty of your face so at least you have good shots before the ceremony.

  1. Find time to write your wedding speech

Writing a wedding speech can help you avoid forgetting whom to thank. You can mention names of people who helped you prepare for your big day.

  1. Hire a wedding coordinator

Getting a wedding planner or coordinator can lessen burden from your shoulder. A wedding planner can assist you in finding supplies, vendors and venue/s. He/she can connects you with the right people in the wedding industry so choosing wedding vendors will be easier.

  1. Practice walking on your new shoes

Yes, you read it right. It might sound like a silly advice but then it surely is true. You will be walking down the aisle on your wedding in front of many people. You surely need to feel comfortable ramping in your new heels or shoes. Hence, go start strutting yourself at home.

Hopefully, these tips can help all brides out there in planning for their wedding.

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How to Plan the Perfect Wedding Read more

How to Plan the Perfect Wedding

wedding planningAll of us want our wedding to be perfect. We wish that our wedding will run smoothly and that everyone will remember it for how wonderful the celebration was. For a wedding to be go really well, you have to know several important things when it comes to your wedding preparation. There are advice and tips from family, friends and wedding experts which can be very useful to you and your partner.

Here are some helpful tips and suggestions that you can follow when planning for your perfect wedding.

  1. Settle the wedding date first

A wedding date is of course your first consideration when planning your wedding. You can choose a significant date like your anniversary date, birthday, lucky number or whatever you think is best to choose. If you are open to any date, you might want to consider an off-season date. A wedding during the off-peak season can most likely help you save on the wedding costs since wedding vendors, venues and other services like essex wedding photography are offered at a much lower price/rate.

  1. Decide on the number of guests

Think of how many guests you want to attend your wedding. Make a draft list and start with your immediate family, close relatives and friends before your co-workers or buddies.

  1. Divide your wedding budget

Talk it over with your partner on how much you can spend for the wedding then write an estimate on how much each wedding item or service will cost. Ask friends or experts for ideas if you are not so sure on the cost or search online for answers.

  1. Prepare a checklist

Write a checklist containing the tasks you need to work on for your wedding. If you hire a wedding coordinator, share it with him or her then check every task accomplished. This can guide you on what needs to be done and what has been completed.

  1. Look for the right wedding venue

Scout different locations or venues before deciding on what to rent. Your choice must depend on what your desired setup or theme is. If you want a destination wedding, then consider a public or private beach resort. Weigh on the cost, travel time, means of transportation and other factors when thinking of a destination wedding.

  1. Interview wedding professionals

Find time to really talk to or interview the wedding professionals like florist, wedding photographer reading and videographer that you want to hire. Examine well if they are really worth hiring or paying for so you won’t have any regrets.

  1. Finalize the theme and other details

Wedding themes, motifs, colors and other details of the wedding must be final and clear before you get the word out and invite people.

  1. Send out the wedding invitations

Once everything is final, you can now send the invitations in person, thru email or snail mail depending on what you think is best for a specific guest. If the wedding venue or location is somehow unfamiliar to most guests, add a piece of paper and write down the directions to the place. You can also give them a call to confirm if they know how to reach the destination.

  1. Prepare yourself, your partner and the entourage

Set appointment with the couturier or schedule a day for you and your entourage to fit in your dresses or suit. Make sure there is still time to fix any problem with your bridal gown or that of your bridesmaids.

  1. Sign contracts

There should always be a signed contract between you and your hired wedding professional. This can make formalize everything so it will be legally binding to both parties.

  1. Give one last ring to each wedding vendor

Call each wedding vendor at least 3 days before the wedding date to confirm or remind them about your booking. Make sure the date, time and place are also clear to the wedding professional.

  1. Check everything

Do a final checking of each wedding detail. You can use your checklist as a guide and talk it over with your coordinator and other pertinent individuals to see if everything is ready for your big day.

Lastly, do not stress out yourself too much when planning your wedding. Think of it as an event that you need to enjoy and celebrate happily with your loved ones.

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Is it Necessary to Get a Wedding Coordinator? Read more

Is it Necessary to Get a Wedding Coordinator?

wedding coordinatorWedding is a once in a lifetime event that every couple wish to be perfect and so they really exert effort in making it memorable and successful. A couple needs to think of all the big and small details that are important for a successful wedding and since this is quite overwhelming, they will need all the help they can get. One person that is an expert in planning and running a wedding is a wedding coordinator or sometimes referred to as wedding planner.

Role of a wedding coordinator

A wedding coordinator is the one who provides professional help to couples by giving valuable suggestions and helpful advice. He/she can help couples find the right wedding venue, think of suitable theme and look for the best wedding professionals or vendors to hire. Most wedding coordinators tie up with different wedding companies and professionals so they can easily find what you want. If you are looking for wedding photographers andover, the wedding coordinator can search and contact them for you.

Some couples though are hesitant in hiring a wedding coordinator because they think it is an additional unnecessary expense. They believe that they can plan on their own and just seek the help of some relatives and friends. But then, if you really think about it, there are great wedding coordinators who charge only a small amount as professional fee. Remember also that these wedding coordinators have the skills, knowledge and experience in handling wedding thus lessening your burden.

Less time spent

Wedding planning is quite time-consuming and if you are normally busy at work, then it is somehow difficult for you to take a leave just to meet with some suppliers or vendors. A wedding coordinator can do that for you. He/she can do your homework of finding wedding suppliers, canvassing prices or wedding items and setting appointments with wedding professionals. If you cannot meet with the wedding photographer, he/she can represent you.


According to studies, on an average, 200 hours is spent for planning a wedding and with the many tasks to be done, it can surely stress out couples. If you are burnt out from planning and thinking about your wedding, then you will feel less excited for your big day and that might be obvious on the actual wedding.

But then, with the help of a wedding coordinator, you will be stress-free since you will only focus on how to look good during the wedding and decide on the major details. You can leave the minor or less important ones to your wedding coordinator. But of course, the final decisions are up to you and your spouse.

Confirm people and places

Before the wedding date, it is necessary to confirm the availability of the guests as well as the professional you hired. You will need to place calls, meet with people for final payments and other things. The wedding coordinator can do this stuff for you. He/she will arrange and confirm the final details to anything related to your wedding.

Do not stress yourself too much in preparing for your wedding. Consider finding an honest, reliable wedding coordinator who can help you make this special event a memorable one for you and for everyone around you.

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